Freemotion Harness

Freemotion Harness

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Non-stop Dogwear Freemotion Harness

With the Freemotion harness, the dog always has unobstructed airways, even during pull. The harness also has a pulling point which provides your dog with maximum freedom of motion and utilization of power during each step. In order to reduce the risk of back strain, the harness may be adjusted to accommodate each individual dog.

The Freemotion Utilises the dog's anatomy to increase performance by:

  • Keeping the airways free

  • Correct pulling points

  • Adjustable to each dog


Fitting Guide

Two fingers between the neck and the harness. Measure around the base of the neck above shoulders. This is lower than the collar will sit. 

                                           Size 4        Size 5       Size 6        Size 7         Size 8       Size 9

Weight (kg)                         14-20kg     20-26kg    25-32kg     31-37kg    37-43kg    40kg +

Harness Neck Opening*    36-41cm    40-45cm   44-49cm   48-55cm   55-60cm   59-65cm

Front Strap**                       22cm           23cm         24cm          25cm        26cm       27cm

**For the front strap measurement, measure from the sternum (the bone in the front of the chest) to just behind the dogs’ front legs.

*If your dog is a particularly deep-chested or muscular breed you may need to go up a size to accommodate this.

Please contact us if you are unsure and we can advise you on what size to order

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