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About Helen:


I’m a confident and experienced dog handler through volunteering at my local dog club, in the showing ring and through past clients.

I’ve been teaching canicross since 2014 and absolutely love it!

I believe canicross is hugely beneficial and a perfect activity for dogs – it gives them a job!  Canicross provides a channel for energy as sustained and controlled exercise together with a mental workout through verbal requests – physical and mental stimulation – win win!

Being a qualified Jan Fennell Dog Listener my approach to dog training might differ from others.  I think of a dog as my best friend so my mindset is that I want dogs to choose to run and pull of their own free will rather than feel that they had better pull or else (in the case of canicross) – I want them to enjoy themselves!  For this reason you will hear me use the terms “request and reward” rather than “command”.

For extra peace of mind I am a qualified Canine First Aider and have a canine first aid pack with me at all times.

I have taken part in Canicross at Crufts and competed in races both internationally as well as in the UK.  I was part of Team GB and completed at the Canicross European Championships held in France in October 2014 where I finished 15th in my age category.

The picture shows me in action in a canicross event called the TDM (Trophee des Montagnes) which is basically the same as the Tour de France but with dogs!  Canicrossing along trails high up in the mountains with breathtaking scenery at every turn.  It's an annual event and all abilities are welcome to participate, that's what makes canicross such a fantastic sport, you don't have to be an athlete to enjoy spending time running with your best friend! 

I am one of the founder members of Canicross Cornwall which was set up purely to promote the sport of Canicross.  The club meets up regularly throughout various locations in Cornwall for club runs as well as to offer advice and assistance to club members and anyone interested in trying the sport of Canicross.