Non-stop Dogwear develops products relying on their years of experience in dog racing.  In general there has been little attention paid to developing equipment for dogs over the last decades.  Their mission is to develop high quality products for dogs that provide unrivalled comfort for them and their human partners alike.  Non-stop Dogwear focuses on quality and functionality first and they are unique in the fact that all their products are tested by professionals competing at the highest level.



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Freemotion Harness

Non-stop Dogwear Freemotion Harness


£59.99 *
In stock

Padded Line/Half Harness

Non-stop Dogwear Line/Half Harness


£35.00 *
In stock

Canicross Starter Kit (Size: 3-green)

Canicross Starter Kit (Non-stop Dogwear)


1 x Freemotion Harness

1 x Running Belt

1 x 2m Running Line


£150.00 *
In stock

Replacement ELASTIC Harness Straps

Non-stop Dogwear Replacement ELASTIC Harness Straps

Replacement ELASTIC straps for the Freemotion harness.

£5.00 *
In stock

Replacement WEBBING Harness Straps

Non-stop Dogwear Replacement WEBBING Harness Straps

Replacement WEBBING straps for the Freemotion harness.

£5.00 *
In stock

CaniX Belt

Non-stop Dogwear Running Belt


£73.00 *
In stock

Comfort Belt

Non-stop Dogwear Comfort Belt

The Comfort Belt can be used for canicross, skijor, hiking and walking.


£49.00 *

Trekking Belt

Non-stop Dogwear Trekking Belt

Trekking Belt ideal for running, hiking and skijoring.


£53.00 *

Bungee Leash - 2m

Non-stop Dogwear Bungee Leash - 2 metres - Ideal for canicross


£29.00 *

Canicross/Bikejor/Skijor/Scooter Line Pro 2.8m

Non-stop Dogwear Canicross/Bikejor/Skijor/Scooter Line Pro 2.8m


£31.00 *

2-Dog Bungee Line

Non-stop Dogwear 2-Dog Bungee Line


£35.00 *

Double Line

Non-stop Dogwear Double Line

This is a double line that can be attached to the loop on the original racing line thus enabling you to run with two dogs without increasing the length of the line.

£11.00 *
In stock

Waterproof Dog Coat Blue

Non-stop Dogwear New Blue Dog Coat - Medium size only



£35.00 *
In stock

Half Check Collar

Non-stop Dogwear Half Check Collar

Available in Blue, Black, Red and Silver/Red.

Sizes 40cm to 65cm

£17.50 *
In stock
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